Our Mission:

To add the greatest value to our clients through our service, education, and uniquely tailored designs.

We will provide elegance, perfection, and customized designs within your reach.


In 2004, Gerilyn Gianna opened her first floral store and event planning studio in Palm Beach called Santa Fe Floral Design which was a full service floral shop and event planning studio. She renamed it in 2008 to Palm Beach Event and Floral Design. The dream was to create chic, sophisticated, and unique floral designs that are individual and different from all the other florists out there and combining this with the ability to offer a memorable and stress free event design and planning service. In 2010, Gerilyn once again renamed the company to Gerilyn Gianna Event and Floral Design because of the growing presence outside of Palm Beach into the national and global spotlight. Gerilyn desires to create individual, unique, and never seen before events. Her floral designs are never twice the same and are modern, clean, and elegant. Gerilyn believes that “Design” is consistently evolving. What she did last event, is not what you get on your event.

And now, Gerilyn Gianna is optimistically looking toward the future. The goal is simple… Elegance, Perfection, Customized Designs combined with 5 Star service. In addition to her wonderful clients, her goal is help educate and add value to other vendors and colleagues alike, through training and online education. Her company is also currently working on multiple ways to offer her products and services on a global scale.