Floral Design 


We have always admired the vast variety and colorful spectrum of flowers – so many moods can be evoked from such a simple and prevalent material. From the complexity of a European-style arrangement to the simplicity of a vase filled with a single type of bloom, to an Asian inspired arrangement, we truly believe there is no lovelier finishing touch than fresh flowers. Our floral designers are the best at what they do, and our studio is devoted to sourcing blooms of the very highest quality from all over the world and will be customized to your dreams.



Low Floral Centerpieces

Medium Floral Centerpieces

Signature Floral Design

Submerged Floral Décor

Tall Floral Centerpieces

Décor Created with Trees and Branches

Use Lighting to Highlight Your Event


Lighting can be a design element in and of itself, with or without other event design services. It’s an undercover component that you are unaware is shaping your visual experience from the moment your guests arrive.  Intricate patterns and custom designs can create a sense of movement, accent a theme, or intensify the party while textured washes and up lighting can give a space a dramatic glow, infuse color, or simply highlight features within the venue. The definition of successful lighting design varies depending on what its purpose is – Are you trying to create a festive and electrifying atmosphere that invites your guests to dance the night away? Or perhaps you are looking to evoke a sense of intimacy and elegance amongst them upon entering?  With our team and the helm, we are certain to capture the mood through the lighting design we present to you.



Decor Draping Services


Whether completely transforming a space, accenting the venue’s architecture, or simply making a clean backdrop, draping is the solution to many event challenges. It can serve a functional purpose just as easily as it can be used to complement the aesthetic design. Draping can make a room within a room, form a blank canvas, control noise issues, create ambiance, or all of the above!



Let us transform your wedding or event

Our greatest joy is when guests arrive at an event and say, “WOW, how’d they do that?” That WOW factor is what sets up apart from the others. And to do this, a full transformation of a space is what it takes. While floral is just fine for some, others desire to set a scene, change a space, turn their wildest dreams into reality, or simply put take it there event to another level.

Geri and her team will provide comprehensive design services uniquely customized to your wants, needs and desires. We provide detailed design concepts for every single element of your wedding including furniture, centerpieces, lighting, draping, linen selection, chairs, tableware, and specialty decor such as set design, staging and printed screens.  No matter what it takes, we promise to give you a spectacular unique event that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Fresh Floral Art


Not only can floral be designed as centerpieces in vessels, but floral can also be turned into artwork.  Anything your heart can dream up, our team can turn into reality.  From floral sculptures, to floral boxes and candle holders, to floral pillows for a bridal party, or pomander balls of flowers, and even 3D letters made out of flowers.  The sky really is the limit.  And our team and create this beautiful scene for you.