A Wedding at PGA National Resort and Spa

A Wedding at PGA National Resort and Spa | Anchor Weddings | Gerilyn Gianna Event and Floral Design

We were approached by Alexa and Brett because their wedding was to be featured on TV’s TLC “Four Weddings” show and we were told that we were the only wedding and design company that could give them what they wanted while having the experience to compete on this show.  

Alexa loves crystals so some of the centerpieces were our crystal candelabras surrounded by crystal pillars with candles and hydrangeas.  The main centerpiece was our elegant signature design of large hydrangeas and roses with hanging crystals and candles around.  Gorgeous two tone lighting brought the modern feel.  And even though the beautiful Peonies flower was out of season, with our growers around the world, we are able to get her the large pink peonies thus scoring big on the show.  And boy, how does those peonies pop against her white dress.  Congrats to Alexa and Brett.  PGA National Resort was the perfect modern place for their style.

Photography by Anchor Weddings